New French Bulldog Collector's Book - Just Released 2019!

A Day Walking in My Paws - The Wonderful Lives of French Bulldogs
Excited to introduce the third book in the French Bulldog series, has now won 3 Awards from various organizations. Only 17 books left in inventory. OUT OF PRINT.

"I have been actively working on this new book installment in-between projects for the last five years and it's my favorite book of the series. The new book is totally different from the first two books, and will delight you by touching your heart and soul in new ways! This new book features amazing stories of French Bulldogs with photos that will warm your heart. These tales will make your laugh - and they will make your cry. A MUST READ!"

July, 2020
A Day Walking in My Paws - The Wonderful Lives of French Bulldogs book is the "Winner" in the Animal and Pets category through the 11th Annual 2020 International Book Awards Sponsored by American Book Fest. I am honored to have this book recognized. With over 2,000 entries world wide, this book was the "Winner" in Animal and Pets in the Independent and Mainstream publishing.

November, 2019
A Day Walking in My Paws - The Wonderful Lives of French Bulldogs book is a Gold Medal Winner through The Creativity International 49th Design Awards. I am honored to have this book recognized. The following were evaluated on excellent creative design including, but not limited to, excellence in presentation, color, copywriting, typography, photography, layout, message, production and relevance to the category. Entries were submitted from 29 countries and 3 Canadian Provinces and 20 states within the US.

September, 2019
A Day Walking in My Paws - The Wonderful Lives of French Bulldogs book is a Gold Medal Winner through The Living Now Book Awards in the animals/pets category. I am honored to have this book recognized. The Living Now Book Awards are designed to bring increased recognition to the year's very best lifestyle books and their creators. They celebrate the innovation and creativity of newly published books.

French Bulldog Club of America's National Event in Hilton Head, November 2019
The new book is now available to purchase on this website.
Due to the books' large size, 6 lbs and 588 pages, this book is very limited quantities so do not wait too long to order.

Every rescue is important! A portion of the book's proceeds from the first 200 books have been donated to two French Bulldog rescues who run on donations alone:
Nevada French Bulldog Rescue, www.nevadafrenchbulldogrescue.com &
Chicago French Bulldog Rescue, www.frenchieporvous.org

To learn more about the NEW book go to "ABOUT THE BOOKS" page.


Year 2007, was the release of the the multi-award-winning book, A French Bulldog for Every Season. This coffee-table, photography book captures the essence of the French Bulldog character in all its many moods: the Frenchie at play, the Frenchie having fun, the Frenchie at rest and the Frenchie being a dog in a lifestyle environment, sure to make you smile.

Year 2010, was the release of the
The Heart Thieves: Enchanting French Bulldog Puppies. This a coffee-table, photography book features Frenchie puppies in all their playful glory. Every chapter beautifully captures the magic, sweetness, kissability, and rambunctiousness of these cuddly new members of the world’s most loveable breed.

All three of these gorgeous, limited-edition coffee-table books are printed on the highest quality art paper and combined include more than 1,000 photographs of enchanting, candid, photography that embraces all the unique and playful attributes that make the breed one of a kind. These books beautifully capture the playful, spunky, mischievous, comical, delightful, humorous, fun, loving and exciting character of the French Bulldog during every season, every situation in life, and every celebration throughout the year.

Whether you are "
owned by a Frenchie" or are simply a pet enthusiast, you’ll find yourself smiling, page after page and possibly a tear or two".

"I created this series of books spanning over 15 years as a tribute to the true personality and quirky ways of the French Bulldog breed and to illustrate why these puppies and dogs have taken over the hearts and minds of their owners and of all people who have a chance to be around them. All three of these books are one-of-a kind for the breed; they feature a real-life approach that captures the breed’s character in unique moments sure to make anyone smile."