New French Bulldog Collector's Book - Release Date 2019!

Excited to be in production on the third book in the French Bulldog series. The book’s release date is scheduled for 2019.
I have been actively working on this new installment in-between projects for the last five years and it's my favorite book of the series. If you would like to be notified when the new book is released, please fill out the short form on the "contact page". The new book is totally different from the first two books, and will delight you by touching your heart and soul in new ways! The new book will be available to purchase on this website when it's released. This book is limited quantities so do not wait too long to order.

A portion of the book's proceeds will be donated to two very important French Bulldog rescues:
Nevada French Bulldog Rescue, www.nevadafrenchbulldogrescue.com and the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue, www.frenchieporvous.org

To learn more please stay in touch and STAY TUNED!


Please enjoy a leisurely browse through a world full of Frenchies. Previously released, The Heart Thieves: Enchanting French Bulldog Puppies is the latest coffee-table photography book published in a series, September, 2010. The latest book features Frenchie puppies in all their playful glory. Every chapter beautifully captures the magic, sweetness, kissability, and rambunctiousness of these cuddly new members of the world’s most loveable breed.

If you love Frenchies, you can't be without The Heart Thieves: Enchanting French Bulldog Puppies or its companion book, A French Bulldog for Every Season. Both of these gorgeous, limited-edition coffee-table books are printed on the highest quality art paper and combined include more than 500 photographs of enchanting, candid, photography that embraces all the unique and playful attributes that make the breed one of a kind. These books beautifully capture the playful, spunky, mischievous, comical, delightful, humorous, fun, and exciting character of the French Bulldog during every season and every celebration throughout the year.

Whether you are "owned by a Frenchie" or are simply a pet enthusiast, you’ll find yourself smiling, page after page.

I created these two books as a tribute to the true personality and quirky ways of the French Bulldog breed and to illustrate why these puppies and dogs have taken over the hearts and minds of their owners and of all people who have a chance to be around them. Both of these books are one-of-a kind for the breed; they feature a real-life approach that captures the breed’s character in unique moments sure to make anyone smile.