Michele Copen has absolutely done it again! I never dreamed anything could top the perfection of Michele’s first book, A French Bulldog for Every Season; however, The Heart Thieves: Enchanting French Bulldog Puppies comes close. In this book, Michele focuses her amazing eye on Frenchie puppies in all their playful glory. She perfectly captures the irreverent essence of Frenchie puppies in their formative stages...playful, mischievous, sassy, incomparable, and did I say CUTE? 

Michele has captured French Bulldogs at that most endearing of ages...puppyhood. Now you can treasure the joys of puppyhood forever in this delightful book.

 — Kathy Dannel Vitcak, Jackpot! French Bulldogs

I can sum up Michele's new book, The Heart Thieves: Enchanting French Bulldog Puppies, in one word of the title: ENCHANTING. Though this may mean charming, delightful, captivating, and enthralling, here I think it refers to enchantments cast by sorcerers. For the Frenchie puppies shown in this extraordinary book are nothing short of bewitching! Those already under the spell of a Frenchie will recognize the signs of enchantment in these magnificent photos. Whether playing, resting, playing dress-up, or just engaging in puppy busywork, the little heart thieves that Michele has so beautifully captured will remind us why we were ensnared by this breed in the first place.

— Jan Grebe, Gasconade French Bulldogs

Michele Copen has perfectly captured the whimsical, sassy, irreverent, and oh-so loving charm of the French Bulldog in this stunning book, A French Bulldog for Every Season. In the almost 20 years I have been smitten with Frenchies, no one has ever perfectly photographed French Bulldogs moving, jumping, running, and playing like Michele has. The photographs - the captions, everything is wonderfully done and evokes such a range of emotion. I caught myself smiling, laughing, and even wiping a tear away as I pored over the pages.

Yes, Michele has taken the essence of everything that is French Bulldog and enclosed it within the pages of this treasure. Michele, thank you for this priceless gift to the world of French Bulldogs.

— Kathy Dannel Vitcak, Jackpot! French Bulldogs

Just forget the show photos and studio portraits. Michele Copen has, with this remarkable book, A French Bulldog for Every Season, showed us the proper way to convey Frenchieness in images. Whether eating, sleeping, playing, cuddling, hassling each other, or engaged in any of their other myriad activities, the French Bulldogs in these photographs perfectly illustrate why those of us with Frenchies consider them the best breed of dog in the world. With this book, Michele has given our breed, and our fancy a precious gift and we all owe her our thanks.

— Jan Grebe, Gasconade French Bulldogs


Michele Copen, one of our very talented members has created a book about French Bulldogs called “A French Bulldog for Every Season.” Let me say her book goes beyond the usual health and care of Frenchies and enters into their own wonderful world through some of the most stunning photos you will ever see. This is definitely a book all Frenchie lovers should have. It’s absolutely beautiful.

— Susan Bunyard, President, NCFBC

Michele, As always, those photos are just great! I’m not an art critic by any stretch, but I love art or photos that make you FEEL something....and your photos do that. And your photos invariably evoke some kind of emotion......laughing, a feeling of awe, or whatever....and many of them make you want to keep looking at them, which I think is a sign of a great photograph (or work of art).

— Cheryl Petty, Pettybulls French Bulldogs

Michele, The photos brought tears to my eyes. It is almost as if my love for my dogs individuality shines thru in each picture, absolutely stunning!! I keep going back and looking at each picture again and again. Thank you.

— Shelley St. John, Robobull French Bulldogs

I have had the pleasure of accompanying Michele while shooting in our parts of Canada. The resulting pictures have exceeded my expectations, showing off our dogs with amazing details and capturing the essence of their moods and actions. A very exciting perspective on Frenchies!

— Dorit Fischler, DVM of Belboulecan Kennel

They say an artist’s work is a window to their soul. This book not only presents the beauty and fun loving side of Frenchies but it also clearly reveals the deep love Michele has for the breed. I’ve been fortunate enough to watch her perform magic with her camera. Her gift is the ability to capture these amazing dogs in action and make you “feel” it in the photo. I think it’s very rare to actually be moved by photography talent such as this. When you reach the last page of this book . . .deep sigh!

— Naniece Bucci, Owner, Scraps Dog Company

Michele, It was a treat watching you work. The photos are FABULOUS. You have captured their human side with the expression and movement that makes them such little clowns. Thank you for allowing me and my Frenchies to be a part of your book. Always a friend because of one little Frenchie.

— Marie Anderson, Breezy Brook Farms